New Life

For those that may be tuning in for the first time, I am Joe shutter: a blogger, photographer and photo guide based in Reykjavik, Iceland. I always go the extra mile to get the shots and get off the beaten track to my special off the map spots.  If you are interested in a photo workshop/tutorial whilst in Iceland, get in touch!

Ice cream comes as standard in all photo tours. 

This is a non-standard post for me. This isn't about anywhere I went or all of the little details. It is a celebration of a specific time in Iceland: time for life.

Iceland is a barren, desolate land. As I spend a week in the UK wondering around in the Welsh countryside, it becomes apparent just how barren Iceland really is as opposed to the fertile lands in the UK.

This is a time in Iceland when the desolation is suspended, and life flourishes: the grass greens and new life is born. This post celebrates the eruption of life.

Apart from my many encounters of lambs along the way on the road, the latter part of the gallery in this post depicts a wonderful morning I spent with a foal. I laid on the ground and grabbed some shots over a one hour period in the early morning sun.  It was a moaning I will never forget.

Photography by Joe Shutter,

For your enjoyment,

Joe Shutter