Tiny Town, Giant Fjord

The next step on mine and Frank's photo tour was Seydisfjordur. Nestled deep in the Eastfjords, it is the gateway to Iceland from Europe: this is where the ferry lands from Denmark after stopping in the Faroe Islands.

The town comes alive in summer not only because of the ferry arrivals  butt also because many artists come here in summer to take up summer residencies here. When you are down there, you are completely engulfed in the fjords, not in an overwhelming way, but it does give you a sense of how small you are in relation to the fjord.

When arriving from the route 1 highway, you must climb all the way over the side of the fjord and then all way down again, it is an epic ride! Especially when the road is covered in snow as it was when we did it.

Photography by Joe Shutter and Rock Scissors Taper

For your enjoyment,

Joe Shutter