For those that may be tuning in for the first time, I am Joe shutter: a blogger and photographer based in Iceland. I pass on what I learn out here through my tailor-made photo workshops and tutorials: I always go the extra ten miles (or ten hours) to get the shots and get off the beaten track to me secret locations.  

If you are interested in a photo workshop/tutorial whilst in Iceland, get in touch through my email ( joeshutter101@gmail.com ) or through my Instagram handle @joe_shutter

Today was a strange day, and the world woke up up to news that the UK will initiate the process of withdrawing from the European Union, to be finalised within a two-year time period. It remains to be seen how this will effect (if at all) the European Economic Area, which could affect my ability to stay in Iceland as a UK citizen. As I said, it remains to be seen, so I will be watching the developments of events with baited breath. 

Meanwhile, I soldier on doing what I do best, taking pictures and telling stories through them. 

On this glorious summers day, I set off with Icelandic_explorer to explore some spots around the outskirts of Reykjavik. You only have to go 10-15 minutes out of town to get some beautiful (and interesting) spots. The first part of our evening was spent exploring the geodesic domes around a geothermal power station, then we moved on to the Red Hills, taking turns with "little people" shots and playing with perspectives.

Photography by Joe Shutter and Gunnar Freyr

For your enjoyment,

Joe Shutter